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For young men to fully embrace recovery, they must be motivated by envisioning what their life can be. Over the course of our 90-day recovery program, we help clients take action to achieve the goals they have set forth through a combination of traditional and alternative modalities.

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Why Austin?

There is no better place to begin your journey in recovery than Austin, TX. With its vibrant culture, community of young people in recovery and boundless educational and professional opportunities, Austin enables young adults to become a part of a unique fellowship, stay engaged in recovery and build the lives they’ve always dreamt of living.


Educational Opportunities

With more than a dozen colleges and universities in Austin, clients have viable options when planning for the future.


Vibrant Recovery Community

There are more than 1,000 12-step groups in Austin, and many are geared specifically toward young people.


Long-Term Continuum of Care

High-accountability sober living and aftercare help clients navigate the early stages of recovery successfully.


Making Recovery Fun

In a city that prides itself on being “weird,” Austin proves that you can have fun staying sober.

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binge drinking

Aug 22, 2018

Study: Young Male Binge Drinkers at Risk of Heart Troubles

Binge drinking rates are at an all-time high and now a new study shows yet another scary side effect: cardiovascular risk factors, according to research by Mariann Piano, senior associate dean of research at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Piano and her co-authors examined high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and other cardiovascular risks in […]


Aug 22, 2018

4 Ways to Find Yourself In Recovery

A healthy recovery calls for a deep understanding of self, something that’s only acquired through personal development, self-care and learning about ourselves through relationships with others. The importance of finding yourself in recovery cannot be overstated, and there are a few ways to help you along. 1. Find more motivation to recover. Choosing to walk […]

dropping out of addiction treatment early

Aug 17, 2018

Risk Factors of Dropping Out of Addiction Treatment Early

Leaving rehab early is rarely the right decision. For the majority of young adults, leaving rehab before completing the full course of addiction treatment will result in relapse – within hours or days of exiting the rehab. And since your tolerance to drugs and/or alcohol will be diminished, using can easily result in overdose. Recovery […]

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