• Extended Care for Young Adult Men in the heart of Austin, TX



For young men to fully embrace recovery, they must be motivated by envisioning what their life can be. Over the course of our 90-day recovery program, we help residents take action to achieve the goals they have set forth through a combination of traditional and alternative modalities.

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Why Austin?

There is no better place to begin your journey in recovery than Austin, TX. With its vibrant culture, community of young people in recovery and boundless educational and professional opportunities, Austin enables young adults to become a part of a unique fellowship, stay engaged in recovery and build the lives they’ve always dreamt of living.

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Jun 13, 2017

For the Family: Need to Know Basis…

Do you remember being a small child and asking for the newest Nerf gun or Barbie doll when you passed the toy aisle? Do you also remember being told no by a parent who offered no explanation other than a simple, “Not right now.” How frustrated were you with the lack of conversation and feeling […]

Jul 30, 2016

Spearhead Lodge: A Higher Calling

By Mandy Baker, Clinical Director, Spearhead Lodge Spearhead: A leading element, force, or influence in an undertaking or development – Merriam Webster’s Dictionary We hear a lot about addiction these days-in the news, at our church, from our friends and family, and at our places of employment.  Stories of overdoses, crisis within the family, crime, […]

Jul 24, 2016

A Message From the Executive Director

By Lane Rust, Executive Director, Spearhead Lodge Spearhead– a person, thing, or group that organizes or leads something (such as a movement or attack)  I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be asked to spearhead the operation at BRC’s new young adult, extended care facility, Spearhead Lodge. All of our staff members are extremely excited about starting […]

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