Spearhead Lodge

Extended Care for Young Adults in the Heart of Austin

About Us

Our Mission Statement
Our mission at Spearhead Lodge is to provide world-class treatment for young adults struggling with substance abuse. We strive to give our clients the life skills and spiritual practices necessary to enjoy a life free from drugs and alcohol. Our skilled treatment professionals explore the core issues that are driving addiction, while teaching our clients how to have fun in recovery.

Young Adults are Different

There are a unique set of challenges presented by the young adult population. When someone in their teens or early twenties is confronted with the need to abstain from drugs and alcohol and enter into a life of recovery, they can often feel confused and scared about a life of sobriety. At Spearhead Lodge, we believe it is essential for each client to be hooked into the recovery process with a vision for what their life of sobriety can look like. For that reason, we focus early in the recovery process on goal-setting and vision boards, so clients can focus on their values and identify how their actions have been inconsistent with their core beliefs. We believe in focusing on the strengths of an individual rather than their limitations.

At Spearhead Lodge, we focus on PASSION over PATHOLOGY.

Gender Specific Program

Men and women recover differently. Research has consistently shown that gender differences can be important in the treatment process. In working with young adults, it is essential that all distractions be removed so our clients can focus on the root of the problem. For this reason, Spearhead Lodge has been designed as a male-only drug and alcohol rehab. Our clients participate in a truly gender-specific program which provides the most conducive environment for healing on all levels.

Extended Care Program

Research shows that the length of stay matters. The longer a person can be in a recovery oriented environment that provides structure and accountability, the better their chances for long-term success. Spearhead Lodge can be an extended care option for individuals who have participated in a 30-day program, as well as an first option for people who do not need a higher level of care. Call our admissions team at 866-405-4550 to discuss if Spearhead Lodge is a good fit. We provide a long-term continuum of care for our clients, including a robust sober living program post-discharge from the 90 day Spearhead Lodge program.

Reclaim Your Potential.

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