Aftercare Services

“The only thing scarier than sending your son to treatment is having him get out of treatment”

These words ring true for so many of the family members who send their loved ones to treatment. At Spearhead Lodge, we recognize that 90 days of treatment is but a beginning. Addiction is a chronic illness, so a chronic-care approach must be taken to successfully combat the illness. For this reason, Spearhead Lodge offers a seamless transition with several options to ensure that each person gets the ongoing support and aftercare that is vital to young adults in early recovery.

Transitional Living at BRC Recovery Residences
One of the most important aspects of transitional living is the critical gap between structured residential rehab and the “real world.” For over a decade, BRC Recovery has been a pioneer in the Recovery Oriented System of Care movement. Spearhead Lodge, a BRC Recovery Program, provides residents with the seamless transitional living options.

High Accountability Sober Living Homes
BRC Recovery offers Spearhead Lodge graduates our high accountability sober living home environments for their initial 90 day transitional period. Staffed with a live-in house manager, these houses provide a high level of structure while allowing residents to begin rebuilding their lives. Residents are required to work or go to school, attend a daily group, and adhere to the resident code of conduct. These environments have been proven to be highly successful in facilitating a safe, sober transition back into independent living.

Apartment Style Sober Living
Residents who need or desire to stay in an accountable environment past 90 days have the option of moving into the BRC Recovery Apartment Style Sober Living Environment. These one and two bedroom apartments provide a level of comfort and independence that would be found in independent living, with community support and staff oversight. Staffed by two on-site community managers, the apartment setting allows residents to remain in sober living while slowly gaining more independence. Our phased system allows residents to earn privileges in a way that reinforces positive behavior.

Segue Monitoring Program
Spearhead Lodge graduates are eligible to participate in the Segue Aftercare Monitoring Program. The Segue program is a 12-month program, beginning at the date of discharge, that provides residents and their families with a certified recovery coach to guide them through the important first year of recovery.

Segue Recovery coaches facilitate a smooth transition from rehab to independent living through a  structured process of support, accountability, guidance, and education. Our coaches have personal experience with recovery as well as a wealth of experience guiding residents through the often up-and-down path that is characteristic of early recovery.

Residents work one-on-one with their personal CRC through a four stage process. Additionally, their CRC will work directly with the resident’s significant contacts- family, therapists, legal interests, etc. This unique comprehensive approach provides a type of radar to detect any relapse behaviors and address them quickly in real-time, allowing for any intervention and correction necessary.

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