How to Stay Sober on Halloween

If you’re new to sobriety, you might associate specific occasions with drinking or drugs. Though Halloween used to be strictly kid stuff, adults are increasingly observing the holiday with costumes, revelry and boozy parties. In years past, you might have used Halloween as an excuse to indulge in behavior...

son relapse

What Should I Do If My Son Relapses?

Your son has been making excellent progress on his recovery journey, attending therapy and sticking to a routine of nutritious eating, regular exercise and consistent sleep. What should you do if he suddenly starts drinking or using again after a prolonged period of sobriety? Watching a loved one relapse back...

reducing stress in college

Tips for Reducing Stress in College

College is a uniquely stressful period. Many students are living independently for the first time, having to juggle their studies with the responsibilities of working a part- or full-time job. Earning good grades while still enjoying the social activities that come with campus life can be a delicate balance. Now,...

community service

How Service Can Strengthen Your Recovery

When you choose to pursue your sobriety, you have a long journey ahead. You’ll need to set new goals, mend fences with people you’ve hurt and adjust to life without drugs and alcohol. Along the way, it’s also essential to find meaningful ways to spend your time and energy. This...

mothers of adult addicts

Tips for Mothers of Adult Addicts

As a mother, you instinctively wanted to shield your son from any harm -- whether it was school bullies or the common cold. You invested years of your time and energy into ensuring your little boy grew up as happy and healthy as he could. Now that he’s an...


Vicodin: Signs of Abuse and Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people take the prescription drug Vicodin – a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone – to manage pain after a surgery or injury. If taken as prescribed under a doctor’s supervision, this medication can bring relief to people who are suffering. However, because Vicodin is an opioid, it stimulates...