learn from failure

What Successful People Learn From Failure

While overnight fame and fortune is an ideal, it’s vanishingly rare for anyone to achieve this feat in reality. Thousands of people throughout history could attest to the fact that the path to success isn’t always linear. For example, while we now celebrate Thomas Edison’s many brilliant innovations, we...

great therapist

6 Signs of a Great Therapist

Choosing to pursue therapy is a significant decision that could help you resolve challenges, answer tough questions and improve your life in various ways. However, not every therapist is the right fit for your needs. With so many choices available, how do you find a counselor who meets you...

opioid deaths

Pandemic Drives an Increase in Opioid Deaths

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a cascade of changes in our daily lives, affecting everything from how and where we work to what we can safely do. Escalating rates of unemployment, homelessness, illness and death – coupled with fraying social norms and ongoing uncertainty – have created continually elevated...

study drugs

Research: Study Drugs Are Addictive and Ineffective

High school and college can be tremendously stressful for students. Juggling class assignments with extracurricular and social activities can be overwhelming, on top of the peer pressure that often characterizes this time in a young adult’s life. So-called study drugs – illicitly used prescription stimulants – are a much-touted...


How to Stay Sober on Halloween

If you’re new to sobriety, you might associate specific occasions with drinking or drugs. Though Halloween used to be strictly kid stuff, adults are increasingly observing the holiday with costumes, revelry and boozy parties. In years past, you might have used Halloween as an excuse to indulge in behavior...

son relapse

What Should I Do If My Son Relapses?

Your son has been making excellent progress on his recovery journey, attending therapy and sticking to a routine of nutritious eating, regular exercise and consistent sleep. What should you do if he suddenly starts drinking or using again after a prolonged period of sobriety? Watching a loved one relapse back...