Giving Thanks – It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving 

giving thanks
Thanksgiving may have passed but giving thanks can help your recovery all season long. This is because gratitude can have a profound impact on your motivation, willpower, mood and more. Being thankful can make you appreciate your new sober life and provide incentive to continue to care for your mind and body.
Here area few more ways gratitude can benefit your health and your recovery:
  1. You’ll have more patience. Recovery is a long journey and we could all use a little more patience to get us through. According to research from Northwestern University, people who felt grateful for little, everyday things were not only more patient but they were better able to make smarter decisions. That sounds like a win-win.
  2. You’ll be more likely to practice self-care. Being thankful does the body good. In fact, researchers found a link between levels of gratitude and levels of self-care, including behaviors like exercise, healthy eating and visiting the doctor.
  3. You’ll get better sleep. It pays to count your blessings instead of sheep, according to scientists who found that gratitude promotes better and longer sleep. The theory is that thinking positive soothes the nervous system, making sleep easier. Test it out by writing in a gratitude journal each night before shut-eye.
  4. You’ll feel happier for longer. Unlike instant gratification, gratitude is something that allows you to sustain happiness because it creates a more positive frame of mind. Now don’t you deserve to be happy – not just during Thanksgiving – but all season long!
Building a Happy Sober Life Together
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