Great Gift Ideas for Those in Recovery

gift ideas for recovery

gift ideas for recoveryThe holidays are the perfect time to give your loved one in recovery a special, well-thought out gift that lets him know you care for and support him. But choosing a gift for someone in recovery can be challenging. To the rescue: Some great ideas to add to your gift-giving list this season!

  1. An experience: Whether a movie, meal in a restaurant or ticket to show or concert, a shared experience can be a great gift for someone in recovery. Not only will it give your loved one something to look forward to, but it will show that you want to be a part of his new sober life. Just be careful that the experience doesn’t include any triggers – like the presence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Gift certificates or gift cards: Movies, clothing stores or even groceries – the options are endless when it comes to gift cards. You can also pay for something that might enhance his new sober life, such as a continuing education class or yoga lessons.
  3. Small gadgets: You know the saying, “idle handles are the devil’s workshop.” If you don’t have or want to spend a lot of money, a fidget spinner, stress ball or Rubik’s cube are all great options. These little gadgets will help keep his hands and mind occupied during those downtimes in recovery.
  4. Adult coloring book: Coloring has many stress-relieving qualities and can even help facilitate the practice of mindfulness. Plus, it’s a healthy hobby to take up during recovery.
  5. A young plant: Not only does a plant symbolize the prospect of a new life, but it will also give your loved one something to care for and nurture. With each passing day the plant can make progress – just like you’re loved one in recovery.
  6. Inspirational book: Motivational books can keep your loved one inspired and motivated to stay on track. Before purchasing a biography about active addiction, however, consider your loved one’s stage of recovery. Detailed explanations of drug or alcohol use may be a trigger.
  7. Quality journal: Writing in a journal can do wonders for someone in recovery. It can help them express emotions, release stress and track any recovery goals. Add a personal inscription for a nice touch.
  8. Engraved jewelry: An engraved watch or necklace is a meaningful and creative gift for your loved one in recovery. Have it engraved with a personal message or his sobriety date.
  9. A massage: Recovery is hard work – mentally and physically – and a massage may be just what your loved one needs to relax and rejuvenate.

Helping a Loved One Get Help
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