Unexpected Benefits of Addiction Recovery

recovery monthSeptember is National Recovery Month and it’s the perfect time to talk about some of the surprising perks that come with taking the brave step to get sober. These are just a few examples of how recovery can change you and your life for the better. Take a look and add to this list based on your own personal recovery experiences.

  • You’ll look better. Brighter eyes, shinier hair, clearer skin and a healthier glow – these are just a few of the positive changes you might begin to notice as your body begins to repair itself from the damage of substance use disorder. And here’s the best part: Your appearance will continue to improve as you learn to incorporate self-care into your recovery routine.
  • You’ll develop lasting friendships. Addiction is a lonely disease and you’ve likely lost a friend or two along the road to recovery. Whether it’s a recovery peer or counselor or childhood friend who has stuck by your side, you’ll learn what it feels like to have real, lasting friendships once you’re in recovery. And you’ll become part of an invaluable recovery community, which deserves celebrating during Recovery Month and all year long.
  • You’ll have more time to find your passions. Recovery gives you back time. The time you once spent using, seeking or thinking about drugs or alcohol can now be used to find your passions and feel energized about life.
  • You’ll look forward to the future. Hope is a powerful motivator during recovery – and this hope is what will help you stay sober and excited to build a brighter, fulfilling future. Added bonus: Having hope has been found to help promote healthier behaviors like eating fruits and veggies, exercising and quitting smoking.
  • You’ll finally feel good about you. Certainly this won’t happen overnight, but during recovery you’ll learn to believe in yourself and your ability to reach big and small recovery goals. And you deserve to have confidence – you’ve come along way in your hard-won sobriety. Celebrate during National Recovery Month and every day!

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